Tips for Bringing Your Dog to Your Photo Session

I’m always game for making your photo session reflect your life. I’ve worked with many of my couples to incorporate meaningful elements into their photo sessions. After all, that’s what it’s about! So if your dog is part of your relationship, and an important part of your love story, there are a few things to keep in mind when bringing them to a photo shoot.


Here’s my quick list of helpful tips for bringing your dog to your photo session:

1. Let your photographer know!

If you’re planning to bring your fluffy friend, let me know so I can get excited! It helps us prepare as we plan our session, and let me know to pick out some a dog-friendly location suggestions.  It’ll also remind me to throw a lint roller in my bag to help tame any stray fur. 


2. Bring a Human Friend

Expect to include your doggo in about 25% of your session. The rest of the time, we’ll focus on you and your love. Having another human friend to help out is ideal - they can walk around with them, sit with them if they need rest, or bribe them to look towards the camera with treats. 


3. Don’t Forget Treats and Doggie Bags

Speaking of treats…. You likely wouldn’t forget these two things, but they’re super helpful during a photo shoot, so here’s a reminder!


4 . Consider Your Leash Color

This sounds so silly, but a neon green leash might totally clash with the adorable outfits you two have picked out. Stick to something neutral (black, grey, navy, etc.) and let the focus be on your affection rather than your dog’s accessories. 


5. Be Realistic, and Have Fun

Dogs don’t always do what you’re hoping for, but their personality is part of why you love them. They are much like toddlers in many ways: probably won’t look at the camera, but if you’re cool with capturing some candid, natural interactions with your pup, you’ll likely love the photos that much more. 


I’d love to photograph you and your boo, and your doggo, too! Send me a note and let’s get something on the calendar!