Kamrette Lyra Backpack Camera Bag | Real Photographer Review

After I bought my camera and a couple of lenses, I was looking for a stylish, non-clunky way to carry around my gear and keep it safe (I may or may not have been carrying it in my purse…). I looked at so many camera bags that seemed either too technical, masculine, or not my style. When my friend Karis brought her Kamrette Lyra backpack to a workshop back in March, it was love at first sight.


I’ve received so many complements on this backpack – and not just from photographers. Seriously, random people on the street passing by or standing in line behind me have complemented the look of this bag! It’s a very soft vegan leather that looks and feels high-end. The color is consistent, the metals are high-quality, the texture is really nice, and overall it honestly just looks great.


Camera Compartment

The main compartment holds a considerable amount of camera gear. Kamrette’s website states that the max lens size the Lyra Camera Bag holds is 8 inches, and holds an average of 3-4 lenses + a camera body. I’ve comfortably fit my two (2) full-frame Nikon D750 camera bodies, and all four of my lenses. Like you’d expect from any camera bag, it’s got removable, adjustable Velcro inserts to customize for your gear.

Laptop Compartment

The Lyra’s laptop compartment has a padded laptop sleeve with extra space for documents, or in my case, a 5-in-1 reflector. My 13-inch MacBook Pro fits with absolutely no problem.


All of the pockets!



The functionality of the Kamrette Lyra backpack makes it worth the $189 price tag. I’m on-the-go, constantly traveling, and I love that even after 5 months of nearly constant adventures, travel, and weddings, its got no visible wear. The bag easily slips onto a suitcase for travel, which is so convenient when your back needs a break!


The Lyra backpack holds SO. MUCH. GEAR.


Even when it’s fully loaded, it’s comfortable to wear for quite a while.



I shoot primarily with prime (fixed length) lenses, which means when I’m working with one camera body, I’m changing lenses somewhat frequently. It’s not that convenient to have your gear tied up in a backpack if you’re wanting to change lenses all the time. You’ve got to take the bag off, set it down somewhere flat, and unzip, change lens, etc. etc. It also makes me nervous to leave it on the ground unzipped, in fear that somewhat might unknowingly grab the handle and have everything come tumbling out.


Now that I shoot with two camera bodies simultaneously, I’m changing lenses less, and can wear the backpack over top of my cameras if needed.

My last fear is about it stretching over time. The leather is so soft that I fear my constant stuffing it to the brim will eventually cause it to stretch out. Only time will tell!


Girl. If you’re looking for a new camera backpack… just do it, you’ll love it!  

Megan & Nate | Our Trip to Colorado

For a little change of pace, I thought I would share some personal photos from our trip out to Colorado. Back in April, the two of us took a business trip out to Denver, and fortunately had the opportunity to extend the trip into the weekend and get a little exploring done! Neither of us had spent much time there: I'd been once, about two weeks prior for approximately 36 hours, and Nate went decades ago with his dad on a ski trip. We were due for exploring. 

We spent the majority of our time in and around Denver, but also made it out to Boulder! It felt good just to take photos for fun, without any expectation. We also mastered the self timer on a park bench, as seen in this first photo below. We played, explored, hiked with friends, drank a ton of coffee, and enjoyed the gorgeous weather and scenery. Also please note that Nate doesn't *normally* hike in business casual, but he didn't get the memo that this trip was more than just about work ;) 


It's the first day of Spring! We celebrated with... a snow storm.  

My husband I ventured out to purchase a snow shovel, among other we-just-moved-in supplies at the hardware store, and I just had to snap some photos of this gorgeous spring snow. We had fun throwing snow balls (but not being hit by them), and exploring our new neighborhood a bit.

These are some of my favorites from our snowy walk around Petworth!