Kyle + Theresa | Seneca Creek Park and In-Home Washington, DC Engagement Photography


Theresa and Kyle are my kinda people: fun, outdoorsy, madly in love with each other and life, and up for an adventure (and bonus that they love coffee and bikes!)

They met in 2010 in college, but didn't become a couple until 2013. They bonded over their shared love of music, local food, the outdoors, and are both passionate about making a difference in the world. Over the years, the two pursued their own dreams, did long distance, and both ended up in DC both working for nonprofits - just like they always wanted! After a quick five years of being together, these two became engaged on a 100 mile bike ride (yes, 100 miles!!) through the Shenandoah Valley last October. And now they couldn't be more excited to take this next adventure together!

These two wanted an outdoor vibe for their engagement photos both because they feel at-home in the outdoors, and because they’re getting married at a brewery in DC, and has a more urban vibe. They wanted to represent and balanced both aspects of their relationship, which is an idea I absolutely LOVE!

Finding an outdoor location with greenery and trees in March was tough, but we found the perfect venue with year-round pine trees at Seneca Creek Park in Maryland. It was a chilly March morning, but these two embraced it. I love how they opened up when we played their first dance song for them in the woods.

After a fun adventure at the park, we took some photos at their DC home making coffee and just being together in the space that they have created to share their lives together! In-home photos are always some of my favorites.

I love the connection these two share, and I can’t wait to photograph their wedding later this year!

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Megan Graham

Amy + Glenn | Logan Circle, Capitol Hill, and Union Market Engagement

Amy and Glenn met via work, and built an amazing friendship over concerts, g-chatting about office gossip, and coffee runs. Glenn told me he was totally smitten with Amy during the beginnings of their friendship but that Amy had no clue.

When she left for a trip to South America, Glenn soon realized how much he missed Amy. He planned to proclaim his love as soon as she returned, but he spilled the beans via text message three days before she got home. Oops! Amy planned to break the news that she didn’t want to ruin their friendship. When she got home and saw Glenn, she realized she’d never felt more at home. The rest is history!

For their engagement session, we took a tour of some of their favorite places together around town: Logan Circle, Capitol Hill, and Union Market.

Amy and Glenn are so adorable, and I cannot wait to photograph their wedding day in July!