Aliyyah + Carleton | Diyanet Center Elopement | Maryland Elopement Photographer

The story of Aliyyah and Carleton is a beautiful one of opposites attracting. 

She's a literature and gender studies professor in Rhode Island. He's a lawyer and business-owner, and runs a treatment center for autistic children in Minnesota. She's liberal, he's conservative.  Despite these differences, they had more in common than even they expected. 

I loved getting to know these two, and learning more about their story while photographing their elopement at the Diyanet Center in Maryland. 

They were introduced by a family member, and knew they had to meet in person, despite the distance. After getting to know each other over the phone, it was clear they had to meet. The moment they met in person for the first time, in the airport, it was instant - their whole world got smaller. The only thing that mattered from then on was each other. 

Carleton proposed to Aliyyah outside the Harvard Law Library, so libraries have a special place in their hearts.  They chose to continue their elopement session at the Library of Congress in Washington, DC. "Libraries have been good for us!" Carleton told me. 

The two married at a small muslim ceremony later that evening.

Congratulations Aliyyah and Carleton!