Megan & Nate | Our Trip to Colorado

For a little change of pace, I thought I would share some personal photos from our trip out to Colorado. Back in April, the two of us took a business trip out to Denver, and fortunately had the opportunity to extend the trip into the weekend and get a little exploring done! Neither of us had spent much time there: I'd been once, about two weeks prior for approximately 36 hours, and Nate went decades ago with his dad on a ski trip. We were due for exploring. 

We spent the majority of our time in and around Denver, but also made it out to Boulder! It felt good just to take photos for fun, without any expectation. We also mastered the self timer on a park bench, as seen in this first photo below. We played, explored, hiked with friends, drank a ton of coffee, and enjoyed the gorgeous weather and scenery. Also please note that Nate doesn't *normally* hike in business casual, but he didn't get the memo that this trip was more than just about work ;)